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Calcium is a secondary macronutrients which acts directly on the strengthening of the entire structure of the plant and contributes to soil fertility.

In addition to the strengthening function and contributing to soil fertility, stand out other important functions of calcium for plants such as:

  • Improvement of root growth conditions;
  • stimulates microbial activity;
  • Molybdenum assists in the absorption of other nutrients;
  • It operates in the growth and proper functioning of the root tips;
  • It acts as a modulator of the action of hormones, regulating the germination, growth and senescence;
  • influences the fertilization of flowers and soybean pod formation.

The lack or inadequacy of calcium weakens and slows the growth of plants, which now show signs of nutritional deficiency, such as:

  • Small root growth;
  • Dark and death of roots roots;
  • Deficiencies in fruit - 'black background';
  • Young leaf yellowing;
  • chlorosis and tissue necrosis in young leaves;
  • failed pods in soybean;
  • Leaves rolled in corn.


In the row, crown projection or pit. Application of ca 40% for calcium nutrition or in conjunction with other fertilizers to supply other nutrients.

As agronomic technical guidance.


  • Calcium (Ca) _____________ 40%


Granules with the same granulometry of conventional fertilizers.

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