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Sulfur (S) is recognized as a secondary macro nutrients, and key element in the development of plants. In some cultures is further required that the phosphorus (P), as in the case of sugarcane.

Among the benefits of sulfur (S), we can highlight:  

  • Constituent amino acids and proteins;
  • The Sulfur and Nitrogen go together in hormonal control for growth and crop production;
  • Improvement in the quality of cereals;
  • Increases the quality of flour for bakery and bread volume;
  • Increases the quality of the cotton fibers;
  • Makes the softer vegetables;
  • Raises the sucrose content in sugarcane;
  • It plays an important role in plant defense mechanism against pests and diseases.

Currently, the sulfur (S) is becoming a limiting nutrient in our crops. This has occurred due to several factors, namely:

  • Low S content in Brazilian soils (tropical);
  • Increased crop yields - increased absorption by plants S;
  • Increased use of fertilizer concentrates containing little or no S;
  • Reducing soil S reserves with the losses of organic matter due to mineralization;
  • Less consumption of pesticides with S in the formulation.

Seeking to meet the needs encountered by farmers, Paranagran fertilizers developed the S10, with a view to proper nutrition Sulphur (S), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) required by crops.

In the row, crown projection or pit. Application only to the most fertile S10 nutrition with S, Ca, Mg or together with other fertilizers.

• Sulfur (S) 10% _________
• Calcium (Ca) 18% _________
• Magnesium (Mg) ______ 02%